The Leader in Leadership Development for Boys in Virginia

Fork Union Military Academy is one of the premier college preparatory boarding military schools for boys in grades 7-12 and postgraduate located in Fork Union, Virginia, right in the heart of central Virginia.

We offer high quality academics and athletics within a structure built around discipline, leadership development, and Christian values.

Military School Tradition

Fork Union Military Academy was founded in 1898 and is a military school steeped in the long tradition of "southern military schools."

We use the best aspects of a military-style system to create an environment focused on academic achievement and leadership development. The goal is not to create "soldiers" but to build "solid citizens" who embody the values of integrity, honor, duty, self-discipline, and service to others.

The Academy is not operated by or affiliated with any branch of the military, nor do students become obligated to serve in the military. We are an "independent military school" and do not offer the ROTC or JROTC model. There is no training in military tactics, techniques, or doctrine. We are not a "boot camp" program, nor do we cater to troubled teens in need of a therapeutic school environment.

Leadership Development

A cadet who shows responsibility, consistent good conduct, and leadership potential can earn rank - first within his company, and perhaps later at the battalion level. Cadet officers lead their platoons and companies under the direct adult supervision of the Commandant and the members of his staff, known as TAC Officers. These cadet officers learn valuable lessons about responsibility, the use of authority, discrection, and leading by example.

In other schools, young people might gain status based on their popularity, athletic ability, or the clique they hang out with. At FUMA, rank is earned based on true merit and achievement.

Fork Union Military Academy offers unique opportunities for young men to develop valuable leadership skills that will be used throughout their lives.