100% College Acceptance

Graduates of Fork Union Military Academy gain acceptance to a college or university of their choice upon successful completion of their studies at the Academy, with our annual acceptance rate averaging 100%. Fork Union Military Academy has made this commitment to be a premier college preparatory school for our cadets and the parents & families of our cadets. Our 100% college acceptance demonstrates our success in meeting our mission.


Why are we so successful in helping students get accepted to college?

  • Our attitude at Fork Union Military Academy toward college acceptance/attendance isn’t “if”, it’s “where.”
  • The expectation is firmly planted in our cadets’ heads when they come to FUMA that we ARE a college preparation school, and they know, starting at middle school age, that ALL are going to be accepted to a college or university of their choice upon Fork Union Military Academy graduation.
  • Fork Union Military Academy cadets are set up for success when planning their collegiate future.
  • We have a member of our guidance staff dedicated to serve in the role as our “College Placement Officer” to emphasize our commitment to that goal.
  • We take groups of cadets on "college road trips" to tour college campuses, meet with their admissions officers, and give our cadets an idea of what campus could be a good fit for them.
  • We offer seminars on prepping for college through the guidance department, and college application workshops to assist our seniors in the application process. 
  • And when the college acceptances start rolling in – we celebrate. Together.